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Obrist Engineering is a technology company specialized in emission avoidance and reduction technologies and in thermal management solutions.

During the last years Obrist Engineering emerged as the technology leader in mobile applications based on the natural refrigerant R744. With its stronghold in the automotive market the growth of Obrist Engineering is accelerated by the recent decisions of leading automotive manufacturers to shift towards sustainable solutions based on environmentally friendly R744-based a/c systems.

Project of Obrist Engineering: CFD-simulation of velocity and temperature distribution in gas coolers based on finless capillary designs:

Especially in the automotive industry, sustainability plays an important role. Automotive companies give greater attention to topics like environmental protection and security, in order to fulfill their social responsibility.

R744 is climate neutral and its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 1300 times lower than the common fluorocarbon refrigerant R134a. Besides, the refrigerant R744 is non-flammable and poses only minimal security requirements (A1 safety classification).

The compressed air refrigeration dryers thermeco2 are equipped with four reciprocating transcritical HG34 CO2 T Bock compressors. In addition to a reliable dehumidifying of compressed air, the application also ensures cost advantages by using the benefits of heat recovery: The heat energy that is extracted from the compressor air during the condensation process can be won back on a high temperature level. Through this heat recovery, which is possible through transcritical process management of the refrigerant CO2, supply temperatures of up to 90°C can be reached. Thus, operators have to expend less primary energy when generating heat for the production process. Thanks to the heat recovery, the air-dryers refinance themselves.