Next to the design of products and components Obrist Engineering works on the system development for a variety of applications. Dedicated competencies have been established in the automotive sector and in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Commercial and Industrial applications

During the last decade Obrist has been one of the most active innovators regarding R744-based systems. The R&D activities of Obrist Engineering have opened new markets for R744-based systems.
cokeThe first vending machines of The Coca-Cola Company featuring the environmentally friendly refrigerant R744 during the Olympic Games were developed and assembled in Lustenau.

Furthermore Obrist has been one of the pioneers to bring highly energy-efficient cooling and air-conditioning systems into mass production. The first R744-based compressors and systems designed for reefer containers were engineered by Obrist.

Due to the legislative environment concerning the intended phase-out of harmful refrigerants in various industrial and commercial applications and due to the rising energy costs the markets for energy-efficient cooling and refrigeration systems will continuously grow.

Together with its clients of Obrist has developed purpose-built compressors and has defined efficient manufacturing setups to satisfy the demand for energy-efficient R744 based-solutions in the following application areas.

  • Transport cooling
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Vending machines
  • Residential heating and cooling.

Automotive applications

A decade ago the first fleet of passenger cars featuring an air-conditioning system based on the safe refrigerant R744 was developed and built-up by Obrist engineering. Over the years Obrist Engineering has developed together with its partners all the required components to shift the complete a/c module of passenger cars into R744. The validation of the R744-based compressors has already been started in order to be ready for mass production well before the 1st of January 2017 when the a/c systems of all new vehicles in the EU have to be equipped with environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Over the years Obrist Engineering has built up moren than 50 demonstractor vehicles equipment with R744 based a/c systems. Currently Obrist Engineering is able to offer the most comprehensive range of R744-based compressors and HVAC-Systems components in the market. Compressors have been designed to the requirements of all vehicle categories and of all types of power-trains. Next to conventional power-train applications Obrist has engineered a/c solutions for electrified vehicles which usually require electrically driven compressors. Next to a/c applications Obrist Engineering has examined all automotive thermal management areas to achieve significant improvements in the energy efficiency and in the operating costs of vehicles.

In passenger cars with special requirements concerning cabin heat – like electrified vehicles, ultra-compact heat pump modules attached to the a/c system help to boost driving comfort and range.