Obrist is the industry pioneer regarding the design of HVAC-systems for mobile applications based on the natural refrigerant R744.

Obrist Engineering provides your organization with an unrivalled expertise the design of compressor and HVAC-Systems operated with natural refrigerants.

Our customers profit from our proven expertise in delivering industry-leading compressors, components and systems for mobile and stationary applications. The scope of our services supports your organization in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by novel compressor technologies and by improved thermodynamics.


Since its foundation Obrist Engineering was awarded c. 150 patents often together with international corporate partners providing Obrist Engineering with the required competencies and resources regarding the licensing of technologies. Today Obrist Engineering provides globally leading manufacturers of vehicles, compressors and components with technology licenses and fully validated product licenses for the key components of HVAC systems. Our range of tested technologies and validated systems enables your organization to accelerate on its path from concept to manufacturing benchmark products. Our licensing partners profit from our analysis of the implementation tasks and our approaches to mitigate vehicle packaging challenges.

Design and Development Services

For the deployment of the licensed Obrist Engineering solutions in your programs we support your engineering teams with our development services and our experience in multi-project management. We are accustomed to work in international teams with our customers and to collaborate across continents. From prototype design to build-up to mass-production validation our engineers and technicians offer a proven expertise in the management of compressor development programs including the selection of the appropriate suppliers for mass-production. The core of our expertise lies in a deep understanding of the thermodynamic process design of HVAC systems and of the resulting functional requirements regarding all components involved. In addition Obrist Engineering develops electronic control systems plus embedded software to integrate the components’ control strategies on a system level. Our development services include the selection of the appropriate suppliers or contract manufacturers and the definition of specs for mass production to provide your organization with a comprehensive set of services.

Simulation and Programming

Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-28 um 10.56.19 Our team of leading experts in thermal and fluid modelling supports the development process to get an early, deep understanding of the fluid- and thermodynamics. The component mechanics, friction and NVH issues as well as the thermal properties are simulated in a dynamic environment. Model-based simulation work helps to focus testing on the critical control and durability issues that require real-world testing. The simulation results are used to adapt designs to manufacturing process requirements and application-specific installation situations.


Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-28 um 10.56.53 In Lustenau Obrist Engineering has built up test stands for electrically and mechanically driven compressors in stationary and mobile applications. These integrated test stands provide an unique setup so that hardware and software architecture can be developed and tested simultaneously.

The range of our testing facilities sets global standards in terms of product safety and testing. For us product safety is not just about ensuring universal compliance with the international standards, but about achieving environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence and about defining test procedures for compressors, heat pumps and systems for waste heat recovery under the most severe climate and usage conditions.

Calibration data for sensors, compressors, heat pumps and HVAC control units are delivered, tested and adapted by simulating real-world conditions and customer-specific installation setups at our testing facilities.