Obrist Engineering has developed a range of industrial and mobile compressors, scroll expanders and heat pumps for various application areas. All product and components by Obrist Engineering are purpose-designed according to the specific requirements of the refrigerant and the application.

Obrist Engineering defines with its products international benchmarks for performance, energy-efficiency and operating costs.

The superior performance is the result of an engineering approach that starts with the simulation of thermodynamic process and the analysis of the process requirements. Energy-efficiency is achieved by minimising the number of moving parts and the related friction. Cost-efficiency of the Obrist designs is the result of a high level of functional integration that can only be achieved after having optimised the system’s thermal management.

All products are designed according to highest safety requirements often exceeding the most demanding standards. Obrist Engineering works on continuously improving vehicle safety. E.g. the application of flammable refrigerants like hydrocarbons requires – for some systems – the usage of the Thermal Event Suppression System (TESS). This system by Obrist Engineering has gone into mass production in March 2012.

Stationary and Mobile Compressors

Obrist Engineering has developed compressors for various application areas in a range from 10kW to several 100kW driving power provided by external drives or by integrated electric drives. Most Obrist designs have been developed with respect to the demanding requirements of the natural refrigerant R744. Since its foundation in 1996 Obrist Engineering has gained profound experience with inline, axial and radial piston designs.

Large variable speed compressor R744 (100 kW)


Range of piston compressors R744


Compressors for transport cooling R744


Mobile A/C Compressors

Obrist Engineering has developed mechanically and electrically driven a/c compressors. Most of Obrist mobile compressors and climate system components have been developed with respect to the demanding requirements of the natural refrigerant R744.

Fixed displacement mechanic drive compressor R744


Variable displacement mechanic drive compressor R744

Variable displacement mechanic drive compressor R744

Variable speed electric drive compressor R744


Scroll expanders

Obrist has developed novel systems to recover the energy contained in the exhaust gas of combustion engines. The Exhaust Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems (EHR) are available with electric and mechanic output units designed for mobile and stationary applications.

Joint research together with manufacturers of large engines and of heavy trucks has demonstrated that the recovery of the exhaust system’s waste heat is the most important lever to improve the energy efficiency and economics of modern turbo-charged Diesel engines in trucks and marine applications.

To partly recover the exhaust system’s waste heat and to transform it into electric or mechanic energy Obrist Engineering has applied its EHR-system to the engines of heavy trucks (class 7 & 8) significantly boosting efficiency and output of turbo-charged engines.
All the EHR key components like the scroll expanders, heat exchangers and pumps were designed with respect to the challenging validation requirements of heavy trucks (class 7 & 8) in Europe and in North America.

The installation of the EHR is facilitated by its compact dimensions and structural modularity of the Obrist scroll expanders. Calibration of the EHR for different vehicle and engine setups is performed by Obrist or by its clients supported by an Obrist software tool.

Heat pumps

The heat pumps of Obrist Engineering have been developed based on its R744 compressors designs. The heat pumps are available for mobile and stationary applications in a range from 1kW to 100kW driving power.