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Emission Reduction and Avoidance Technologies

OBRIST Engineering is a leading technology company specialized in emission avoidance and reduction technologies, as well as thermal management solutions.



The OBRIST team is a committed group of individuals with strong backgrounds in all major technical disciplines.

Frank Obrist

Frank Obrist

The technical education of Frank Obrist started in the Federal Higher Technical Institute for engineering in Bregenz, and continued with extra-occupational studies of innovation and technical management at Technical University Graz and at Management School St. Gallen. However, he names Dr. h.c. Felix Wankel (inventor of the Wankel engine), Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Kuhn (Professor for Engineering at the Technical University Karlsruhe abd long-time companion) and Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl (Director and academic member at the Fritz Haber institute of the Max Planck society, Berlin, launch director at the Max Planck institute for chemical energy conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr) as his true masters.

In 1996 Frank Obrist founded OBRIST Engineering, and in 2002 he found a congenial partner in Frank Wolf, who pushed the internationalization of the company forward. The peak of this internationalization is reached with the worldwide C-Transformer technology. Frank acts as Executive President of the OBRIST Group. Frank has devoted his professional career to the design of advanced machinery.


Meanwhile, the OBRIST group consists of multiple companies with each one handling a specific area of interest. The arc of suspense reaches from compressors and air conditioning with CO2 as refrigerant, over eco-friendly drivetrains, to the C-Transformer.

With the implementation of OBRIST compressor technologies, the first eco-friendly air conditioning with R744 refrigerant was implemented in the Mercedes S-Class mass production.

The OBRIST HyperHybrid/HyperEV technology, together with other companies like Tesla, will push forward the electrification of the worldwide car fleet starting in 2020. Here, the focus lies on the average price point of 10.000 – 30.000€. The combination of driving properties of electric vehicles together with other advantages of electrification, while not having the disadvantages of pure electrification will benefit the worldwide breakthrough.

"The OBRIST C-Transformer provides a solution for the first time that can fix a problem generated over many generations. By doing this, one of the biggest and most important economic sectors worldwide will be created because the solution to this problem will require a turnover of up to 1 trillion dollars. A fascinating aspect is that the solution acts as an element connecting all people worldwide regardless of religion, ethnicity or location."

Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf

Frank Wolf started his career as an engineer with international automotive supplier groups in France, Japan, Spain and the USA. In 2002 Frank joined OBRIST Engineering as General Manager and Partner. Since then he has grown the business together with Frank Obrist and has developed the global client and partner network of OBRIST Engineering.

Frank Wolf acts as CEO.

Willi Sonderegger

Willi Sonderegger

Willi is Member of the Board, but before this, has worked in the automotive industry for years and has a strong background in the area of management consulting. Further on, he founded his own company in the automotive sector in which he had managed and headed the company successfully for many years. Since this exit, Willi has become a remarkable investor in different companies, especially in the field of Green Tech. He has invested in several operations in Europe.

"I have known Frank Obrist since he developed the Wankel engine for Mercedes-Daimler, after the death of Felix Wankel. After the loss of this investor, a strategic reorientation had to be found for the company. At that time, I was an external consultant. Later, I was able to suggest to Frank a place in the building of today's company headquarters. We were always in friendly contact. One day he asked me whether I wanted to get into his company. The topic was always the development of future-oriented technologies, which aimed at, in particular, the emission problem and CO² reduction. After a thorough review, I decided to get involved. It was a high-risk exposure, but it makes sense beyond the usual interests of an investor: sustainable environmental protection with mobility that is environmentally friendly."

Christian Schmälzle

Christian Schmälzle

As an employee of Prof. Peter Kuhn at the University of Karlsruhe, Christian Schmälzle joined OBRIST Engineering in 1999, being responsible for R744 R&D and validation processes. Christian leads several development projects in the field of R744 components and systems as well as developments in the field of exhaust heat recovery.

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmälzle acts as COO of OBRIST Engineering.