Emission Reduction and Avoidance Technologies

OBRIST Engineering is a leading technology company specialized in emission avoidance, reduction technologies and thermal management solutions.



By company philosophy, OBRIST Engineering is focused on green, environmentally friendly solutions. Historically linked and well experienced, we developed many system and component solutions with R744 (Carbon Dioxide) as one alternative to chemical fluids. Beyond that, any other applications have strong focus on natural, green working fluids such as Air, Ethanol, Propane and more.

R744 is climate neutral and its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is 1300 times lower than the common fluorocarbon refrigerant, R134a. Besides the R744 Refrigerant, OBRIST is familiar with most conventional and exotic refrigerants.

  • Supporting the R744 A/C System and Compressor from Daimler
  • First Series Automotive R744 Compressor
  • Swivel Joint Technology (invented by OBRIST)
  • Natural Refrigerant with GWP:1
  • R744.com

Technology Selection

All products and components by OBRIST Engineering are purposely designed according to the specific requirements of the refrigerant and the application. From prototype design to build-up and to mass-production validation, our engineers and technicians offer proven expertise in the management of compressor development programs.

Scroll Technology

OBRIST Engineering develops compressors, scroll expanders and heat pumps that define global benchmarks in terms of energy-efficiency, sustainability, cost-efficiency and usability. Our deep understanding in Scroll Technology and precise in-house Scroll 2D and 3D Simulation Tools gives us fast and comprehensive calcuations of scroll geometries.


During the past two decades OBRIST Engineering emerged as the technology leader in mobile applications based on the natural refrigerant R744. Our customers profit from our industry-leading expertise. The core of our expertise lies in a deep understanding of the thermodynamic process design of HVAC systems and of the resulting functional requirements regarding all components involved.

Quality and Safety

OBRIST has established a quality management system for development, manufacturing, assembly and marketing of components and systems. All products are designed according to the highest safety requirements, often exceeding the most demanding standards. A TÜV SÜD audit has ascertained that the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015 are fulfilled. The certificate is valid until 2019.

Photo of Frank Wolf & Frank Obrist

The masterminds behind OBRIST Engineering

Frank Wolf, CEO, together with Frank Obrist, Founder and President, head a team of experienced engineers and experts.

Working in emission avoidance and reduction technologies allows us to work on existing and innovative topics. The beauty in this, is that our company does something which makes sense to humankind. When things make sense, they can provide a special fulfillment for the company, the team and to me personally. I love to work and think about sustainable solutions.

The key objective is to save the world, thereby saving a future for our grandchildren!

Unterschrift Frank Obrist

Frank Obrist
Founder of OBRIST Engineering